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ROCD Score Sheets

Game Time (Per Division)



Individual Divisions

  • Time limit: 1-1/2 minutes maximum

  • Music may be used for the entire routine

  • Routine to include 3 jumps, tumbling pass, a cheer with motions and a dance. (Skills can be done in any order.)

  • 3-Jumps must be executed consecutively.

  • Time Limit: 1-1/2 minutes maximum

  • Any Style of dance – all routines compete together.

  • Routine to include dance movements and techniques, leaps, turns and kicks.

  • No Music

  • Cheerleader must perform 3 different jumps in their sequence.

  • No Music

  • 2 passes are required - standing and/or running 

  • Time limit: 1-1/2 minute max.

  • Music is allowed.

  • Groups (5 members maximum). 1 male is permitted.

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